Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We live surrounded by art


Zion Dome, Zion, IL, USA. 

                                                         Original acrylic painting sold in 2013.

     Museums, art galleries, libraries, theaters, schools try to keep and reserve the art in their walls, but there is art everywhere. Even before we wake up,  there is art all around us.  During our sleeping time, the human body uses its own creativity to rest, restore and function. The simple action to open the eyes when we wake up, is art. It is a visual art. We admire what is in the room: the architecture, the furniture, the decoration, the textures and the colors.   Somebody used art to create it.  Perhaps, we have the advantage of enjoying the natural art of singing birds or blooming flowers.  If we get up early, we have the additional advantage of seeing the new morning display.

      There are different forms of art helping or keeping us company like music or  food preparation all day long.  The human senses indicate us what artistic element is around. For example, the smell of a cup of coffee lets us know it is already crafted,  it is hot, has vanilla added and it is ready to consume. The beautiful, eye catching dresses in the window displays, let us know somebody planned, designed and sewed them.  Clothing is a human necessity developed with art. It is so beautiful that sometimes, we get more than is needed. 

       The rain drops fall down with grace and make mini lagoons where the surfaces allow them. Every mini lagoon gets a different shape that reflects the structures around them and turns like a natural photography. A vehicle passes on top of a small lagoon made by the rain and splashes a wall leaving an abstract design on it. The rain drops change our hair style and create a different form of art. Somebody had the idea to amalgamate Mother Nature with furniture, sculpture, gardening and other disciplines to construct a park that could hold enjoyable, relaxing and artistic activities.  

Solar eclipse at 11: 49 am on August 21st, 2017.

      Art is not limited to an educational institution class. Art is life, expressions, feelings, aromas, colors, sounds. Art is you, me, she, him, us and them. Art is a friend inside every human that guides to create the beautiful ideas built in the thoughts.

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