Monday, November 2, 2015



Dear Diary:

       I wrote on your pages a lot of stories about this holiday every year.  You and I got old sharing different situations that happened on this particular day, how the menu changed over the years, so the weather... It looks like yesterday when my sisters and I were infants and had to sit at the table with the adults, pray before to eat, stay quiet, do not talk, eat with good manners. We had to dress formal and if we ate at other people's house, we had to wear hat and gloves also.

        When I got married and invited people at our Thanksgiving dinner, I always considered the little children.  Do you remember how I use to have a special small table and small chairs for the infants? Once, I was a child and I know how "boring" the adult conversations are.  Kids like to be with other kids.  So, I thought to make their dinner moments pleasant.

        Sometimes, the youths, do not want to share time with the adults and prefer to eat with other humans their age and talk about the last movie, the popular singer, how difficult the school project is, how much they love the new TV program, their plans for senior high school, my mother does not allow me to use make up, grandpa always disapproves how do I dress, my parents just got divorce, dad doesn't live with us but he prohibits  me to pierce my nose, the acne is destroying my life, "I have to find out myself"... too much data for adults to absorb in a Thanksgiving dinner.  When there are teenagers with an already crumble world, we better give them space and like children, give them a special table to share with the new generations.

        Many times,  I wondered if I was segregating the children and the teenagers from the festivity. I always asked my kids if they would prefer to eat with the adults or with the visitor's kids. They always preferred to be with people of their same age.  That is exactly what I wanted during my childhood.

        Change of eating habits in the modern life:  people with special diet or health situation like no salt, low sodium, gluten free, fat free, lactose intolerance, food allergy and a universe of etceteras.  The menu is always included in the dinner invitation.  Why people do not let me know on time about their eating situation?  Very rarely, somebody called me on time and let me know about their eating restriction.

        Nowadays, there are dinner invitations with the "bring a side dish" modality.  I suggested my daughters to call ahead and explain which unique side dish they were going to bring. Do you remember my friend Joni? She always requests to bring the side dish and writes on the dinner invitation a suggestive list which never includes the mashed potatoes neither the green bean casserole.  Guess what.  Those are the most duplicated side dishes her guests bring every year!

        Oh Diary...  I always calculate a specific quantity of food for a specific quantity of people and the dinner invitation with the RSVP annotation would prevent the shortage of food portions.  On the other hand, there are people who invite themselves to the Thanksgiving dinner (I call them parachutist), guests who bring an additional guest, people who love the second and third serving and sometimes, there is a person asking for a ration to go like been in a restaurant. In the past, I always gave the requested portion to go on a regular dish and that is how I lost some of my dishes.  The china sets got incomplete. No wonder I started to sale the lonely pieces online. Until there was the day when I started to give the requested portions to go on plastic food containers like butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, so on.  Seriously, all of the plastic containers were returned... People did not like to receive the food on plastic containers and eventually quit asking for the extra portion to go. 

        My dinner invitations always have the line Our home is smoke and alcohol free.  My grandchildren want to add the word texting. They dislike when other person can not keep a normal conversation because of the cell phone dependency, constant interruptions because of the obsession to read and answer a text message right away.

        One year, my husband and I decided to have the dinner in a restaurant. (That was the only year when all of the kids did not visit us because all of them were overseas.)  My goodness Richard did the reservation on time.  The joint was extremely packed.  Looks like women do not want to cook anymore.  One of the persons eating at the restaurant was giving terrible time to the waitress. Did not that person realize he was not the only customer, the waitress had to take care of a lot of people, she was working a holiday and she has family too?

        And the school lunch the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally turkey sandwich, Thanksgiving dinner side dishes left over casserole or re run of the dinner. I always prepared different meals like chili, pizza, white rice topped with stir fry beef, Caesar salad, tuna salad with crackers.  School children or High School youngster do not want to see poultry for a while after Thanksgiving. 

        Dear Diary, a new Thanksgiving is around the corner and of course, the dinner and the activities are already planned.  This year, I did what is called "treasury list" in the place where I sale stuff online. A treasury list is a selection of products based on a theme. I chose about how to entertain the children during this event.  The tittle is Entertainment For The Kids After The Thanksgiving Dinner. The link is

Well Diary, you  know by now I write too much. 
I shall continue writing other day.
Good night Diary. ☺

Dear Reader:
Thanks for stopping by, adding a + to this post and sharing.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Recent lunar eclipse and end of the world


Do not you like to live here that you have
 to put an expiration date on Planet Earth?  

  Last Sunday, September 27th, 2015 we enjoyed a lunar eclipse during a full moon.  This unique natural phenomenon does not happen very often and it was treated like a bad omen.  There are people who love to put an expiration date sticker on planet Earth  when something rare takes place like last eclipse.  Centuries ago, the folkloric tales transmitted the fictional incoming catastrophe throughout word of mouth.  Nowadays, the ideas circulate faster than the speed of light due to the modern technology.  Once again, the false predictions and scary narratives did not come true.  Fortunately?  Four days after the famous eclipse, we are glad neither of these circumstances really occurred:

~  Galactic eclipse did not happened neither we lost natural light during three days.

~  The Illuminati did not take over the planet, no reptilian extraterrestrial race conquered Earth and one more year, month and day that planet Nibiru did not appear in the sky all of the sudden.

~  We are happy there were not massive natural disasters.

~  Atlantis did not emerge from the ocean.  Shame, we still do not know this continent location.

~  Other world war did not start.  Don't we have enough war against the ignorance, poorness, unemployment,  civil rights, corruption and lost of moral values to invent one more war?

~  The credit cards chips did not malfunction.

~  A colossal asteroid did not crash against Earth neither the Moon.

~  Shangri la did not appear suddenly.

~  Appliances are still working.

~  The Sun did not lose its orbit.

~  Dinosaurs did not come back to life, Big Foot did not leave the forests and invaded cities with all of his relatives and there are no reports about any Wolf Man wandering, killing people due to the eclipse. 

     Before I was born, there was WWI aka Great War.  It was said the Armageddon would happen during that war and the world would end.  Other wars occurred after WWI and the world has not end yet.

     Few years later, The Great Depression affected some humans and businesses.  Once again, it was said it was the end of the world.

     During the 60s and 70s there were other stories about the end of the world. 

     I remember other end of world panic the year 1981.  The folklore said all of the planets would be aligned with the Sun in one day and all of them would crash in line.  That gossip was beyond science fiction.

     1987 had the Harmonic Convergence when the Sun, Moon and six planets from our solar system aligned.  That was other end of the world illogical prediction.

     Some people were terribly worry the world would end on December 31st, 1999.  Then, the same worry repeated by December 12th, 2012.

     In conclusion.  At my age, I perceived a lot of stories and situations about the end of the world which makes me to wonder how come we are still here...

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We live surrounded by Art

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Promote your product or service to increase your business I


Generally, the weekends are good business days; nevertheless, there was a weekend with the most unusual lack of business situation. I took advantage of the situation and did something to bring new customers that turned into loyal clients.

My husband and children had a business that offered repair, programming, and update in computers. They created contracts to attract and obtain more customers. Marketing and sales were strategies to grow the business. There was a Christmas Fair and I suggested for them to participate in it. I was the only family member that did not know anything about computers, but was very sharp, promoting the business and bringing new customers. 

So, we were at the Christmas Fair with the 80s novelty technology. The most modern computers, programs, related books, and games were on exhibition.   A couple of speakers on each side of the stand played the modern music to capture people’s attention. It was the cool staff at the fair; however, the weekend was unproductive…

I could not let a negative situation drop, slow or bite the family business that my husband and kids worked very hard to develop. When very few people stopped at our stand, I decided to walk around the fair and distribute a lot of business cards and brochures, greeting people, introduced myself and the company. When people told me they did not have a computer or were not interested, I still gave them  a brochure and a business card. 

The weekend passed with no business at the stand. Monday arrived with an amazing surprise. The first phone call was from a publicity company. They informed us that their computer system just crashed. We sent one of our technicians right away with a contract service and offered him a commission if he came back with the contract signed. Guess what? He solved the publicity company problem but did not come back with the contract signed, but with requests and addendum from that company to be considered. The requests were reasonable for both companies, so we accepted them, made a new contract and obtained the publicity company business.

The rest of the day there were more phone calls from different companies asking if we could solve this and that problem with their computers, if we would supply a program, or program a computer, so on.

All of the presentations or offers we could not get on Friday, Saturday and Sunday were made the next week. I always asked for a personal or business reference after I obtained a new contract or did a small sale. Nobody showed up at our stand, which was in a strategic location. Remember, location, location, location. The presentation, decoration and exhibition were eye captive; however, it was like we had people’s repellent.  The customers did not come to us, so I went to look for customers. I did not get any at that precise moment when I introduced the company, but the customers arrived unexpectedly the next week. This experience taught us to work beyond the plan and the expectation. This experience made us consider the necessities and possibilities. The solution was, after all, what a Marine would do for battle strategy and a housewife who got degrees in Business Administration and Marketing. The amalgamation of both environments succeeded the family business. 

Promote your business! 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Leaves Poem


The green mantle of the spring
Gets ready to fall sleep
A new song to sing
To the trees in the forest deep.


By changing the trees clothing
During the transitional time
Doing a lot of coloring
Rejoicing your day and mine.

Vibrant and unique tonalities
Embellish the new scenery
With colorful boundaries
Diverse the greenery.

The new colors are seasonal
And the leaves too
Divine lesson inspirational
Life is short, true.

Ones abandon the tree
Bouncing like the swing
Where my kids, three
Spend time playing.

Other leaves keep their green
And do not fall sleep
Preserving the spring
During the winter scene.

Some leaves go
Leaving the tress mellow
With a sweet vow
Before the winter snow.

Green, red, orange or yellow
I salute you leaves
Sincere hello
Before you fall sleep.

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We live surrounded by Art

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We live surrounded by art


Zion Dome, Zion, IL, USA. 

                                                         Original acrylic painting sold in 2013.

     Museums, art galleries, libraries, theaters, schools try to keep and reserve the art in their walls, but there is art everywhere. Even before we wake up,  there is art all around us.  During our sleeping time, the human body uses its own creativity to rest, restore and function. The simple action to open the eyes when we wake up, is art. It is a visual art. We admire what is in the room: the architecture, the furniture, the decoration, the textures and the colors.   Somebody used art to create it.  Perhaps, we have the advantage of enjoying the natural art of singing birds or blooming flowers.  If we get up early, we have the additional advantage of seeing the new morning display.

      There are different forms of art helping or keeping us company like music or  food preparation all day long.  The human senses indicate us what artistic element is around. For example, the smell of a cup of coffee lets us know it is already crafted,  it is hot, has vanilla added and it is ready to consume. The beautiful, eye catching dresses in the window displays, let us know somebody planned, designed and sewed them.  Clothing is a human necessity developed with art. It is so beautiful that sometimes, we get more than is needed. 

       The rain drops fall down with grace and make mini lagoons where the surfaces allow them. Every mini lagoon gets a different shape that reflects the structures around them and turns like a natural photography. A vehicle passes on top of a small lagoon made by the rain and splashes a wall leaving an abstract design on it. The rain drops change our hair style and create a different form of art. Somebody had the idea to amalgamate Mother Nature with furniture, sculpture, gardening and other disciplines to construct a park that could hold enjoyable, relaxing and artistic activities.  

Solar eclipse at 11: 49 am on August 21st, 2017.

      Art is not limited to an educational institution class. Art is life, expressions, feelings, aromas, colors, sounds. Art is you, me, she, him, us and them. Art is a friend inside every human that guides to create the beautiful ideas built in the thoughts.

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